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もし、IBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600試験に不合格になる場合があれば、全額返金することを保証いたします。
受験者の需要を満たして、受験者のはじめてIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600試験を順調に合格するを保証します。

IBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600試験概要:

試験名称:IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW

同じテストが取り消されたとしても、テストが行われるたびに世界中のテスト料金が適用されます。 VISA、Master Card、American Expressのクレジットカードをご利用いただけます。

あなたはIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600試験に参加するためにサインアップすることを選択します。
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IBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600出題範囲:

DB2 Server Management (15%)
Configure and manage DB2 servers, instances, and databases
Create and manage database storage paths
Exploit autonomic features
Explain the functionality of WLM
Describe the capabilities of Data Server Manager

Physical Design (22%)
Implement BLU Acceleration
Describe DB2 pureScale enhancements
Create, manage, and alter DB2 objects
Demonstrate the proper use of compression
Describe the SQL compatibility available
Describe the partitioning capabilities available

Business Rules Implementation (10%)
Create and modify table constraints
Enforce constraint checking with the SET INTEGRITY command
Create and use triggers

Monitoring DB2 Activity (12%)
Demonstrate the proper use of monitoring tools
Use the DB2 Problem Determination tool (db2pd)
Describe the capabilities of dsmtop
Capture and analyze EXPLAIN information

Utilities (13%)
Demonstrate the proper use of DB2?s data movement utilities
Perform an INPLACE table REORG
Demonstrate the proper use of db2look and db2move

High Availability (13%)
Perform database-level and table space level backup and recovery operations
Configure and manage HADR
Implement a DB2 pureScale environment

Security (15%)
Explain the use of LDAP authentication
Create and use trusted contexts
Restrict access to sensitive data
Explain how to encrypt data in transit and data at rest
Configure and use the Audit facility

受験者はIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600学習教材を購入した後、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。
もし、失敗したら、高い受験料がかかります。真実のIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600問題と同じので、Testpassportを使用してから、気楽に認定を取得できます。
弊社のIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600問題集サイトが結構ありますから、活用すると効果が高いでしょう。
最新のIBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-600練習問題集を提供し、C2090-600無料サンプルをダウンロードできます。

1.Which two tasks must be done to read data directly from IBM Softlayer Object Storage and insert it into a DB2 database? (Choose two.) A. Catalog a storage access alias in the DB2 database B. Create an FTP account on IBM Softlayer Object Storage C. Use the DB2REMOTE parameter of the LOAD command D. Establish a remote connection to IBM Softlayer Object Storage using DB2 Connect E. Create a local disk alias at the database server operating system level that points to IBM Softlayer Object Storage Answer: A,C

2.Which of the following statements about compression for BLU MPP tables is TRUE? A. Compression must be explicitly enabled for BLU MPP tables B. Compression requires decompression to evaluate partition joins C. Unique compression dictionaries are generated for each partition D. Each table has a single compression dictionary that getsreplicated across all partitions Answer: D

3.Which statement about NOT ENFORCED unique constraints is TRUE? A. NOT ENFORCED unique constraints can not be defined on primary key columns B. The query optimizer will consider a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint when selecting an optimal data access plan C. When attempting to insert data that does not conform to a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint, awarning will be returned D. Storage requirements for a NOT ENFORCED unique constraint are no different than the storage requirements for a similar unique index Answer: A

4.What is an advantage of using range partitioned tables? A. Abilityto run utilities against the partitions in parallel B. Increased query performance through data partition elimination C. Block indexes are much smaller than RID indexes, providing better performance D. Table data is automatically and continuously clustered, requiring minimal reorganization Answer: B

5.A table named MYTABLE contains an XML column and an XML storage object dictionary already exists. What is the effect of enabling compression and then running the command REORG TABLE mytable KEEPDICTIONARY? A. All data, both new and existing, will becompressed. B. Only new or updated data for XML columns will be compressed. C. New and existing XML columns will be compressed but other columns remain unchanged. D. Existing data will remain uncompressed because the RESETDICTIONARY option of the REORG command was not used. Answer: D

6.If Secure Sockets Layer is a requirement, which of the following parameters must be set to encrypt data in transit? A. Set the DB2COMM registry variable to DB2COMM=SSL B. Set the DB2COMM registry variable to DB2COMM=SSL, TCPIP C. Set the AUTHENTICATION configuration parameter to DATA_ENCRYPT D. Set the AUTHENTICATION configuration parameter to SERVER_ENCRYPT Answer: B