HP HPCertifiedProfessional HP0-M38問題集

HP HPCertifiedProfessional HP0-M38問題集を準備する前に、買った試験問題集は本物だと確認しなさい.不適当なトレーニング資料はよくない成績を招きやすいです.HP HPCertifiedProfessional HP0-M38問題集はお客様に差し上げるのは成功だけです.
試験合格の確な方法は我々を連絡して、認定資格を取得しましょう.我々はお客様に成功に認定される実際の問題を提供します.認定合格の最も簡単な方法はウェブサイトへログオンして、最新の問題とせつめいの含む答えをダウンロトして、HP HPCertifiedProfessional HP0-M38問題集を自由に取得します


1.Which parameter should be specified in the cim.extensions.parameters file to enable the CIM extension
to listen on a specific network card?
A. -port
B. -on
C. -mgmtServerIP
D. -nic
Answer: B 
2.What do you use to calculate File System Viewer licenses?
A. host MAPS
B. NAS capacity (RAW) in managed TB
C. total array capacity in managed TB
D. scanned space (file sizes) in TB
E. managed host files system (volume) in TB
Answer: D 
3.Using Storage Essentials, you discover a customer’s SAN switches, storage arrays, tape and libraries.
What must you do next to implement Backup Manager?
A. Install the corresponding SMI-S provider on the backup server.
B. Discover hosts.
C. Discover applications.
D. Install the corresponding CIM extension on the backup manager hosts.
Answer: D 
4.Which tool can you use to verify SNIA libraries on a server?
B. Server System Requirements wizard
C. CIM Extension Installer
D. hbatest
Answer: D 
5.What must you do if a managed EVA becomes managed by the passive CommandView EVA server?
A. Run a Get Details
B. Run Update Element Data
C. Manage CIM Extensions
D. Enable Troubleshooting Mode
Answer: A


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